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The study summarizes the ways in which intellectual property IP protection may influence knowledge flow patterns through incentives market for ideas and disincentives anticommons. This paper defines and provides a taxonomy for different brand markets then analyzes the economic rationale of such markets.

Economics and Statistics Division. They show that there is considerable heterogeneity across countries in the form of technology trade that countries specialize in and also suggest these are related to underlying appropriability conditions and intellectual property rights regimes.

The latter notably include renewable energy technologies, such as solar and wind energy, and fuel cells. Although most green energy technologies have seen a downward trend in the annual number of patents published sincethe decline has been most pronounced in nuclear power generation technologies and alternative energy production technologies.

Many researchers have already made use of these data to study individual clusters or selected clusters within a particular region. This analysis is complemented with an assessment of the current state of patenting and technology commercialization practices in a selected group of technology transfer offices.

This report investigates, from the perspective of an intellectual property scholar, how 3D printing technology has developed over the last few decades, how intellectual property rights have shaped this breakthrough innovation and how 3D printing technologies could challenge the intellectual property rights system in the future.

This paper provides a historical characterization of the innovation and record of technical progress in US commercial aircraft during the period. Economic Research Working Paper No. First, it describes a new database mapping migratory patterns of inventors, extracted from information included in patent applications filed under the Patent Cooperation Treaty.

Trademark squatting, therefore, creates a strategic, albeit excessive, response by brand owners which inflates trademark filings.

We also find that trademark use is associated with new-to-the-world product innovation, which suggests that branding may be an important mechanism to appropriate returns to innovation in a middle-income country like Chile.

This paper analyzes how this breakthrough technology came about, how it diffused, and what role intellectual property played historically. Whereas inventors continue to found biotechnology companies at a steady rate, recent trends suggest these inventors more often come from the private sector.

However, no single factor can fully explain the marked increase in the use of the patent system.

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Our article provides insights and lessons learned from using measures of innovative activities for scholars who are interested in capturing creative activities.

It explains in detail the information contained in the database and discusses the usefulness and reliability of the underlying data. Polish firms in the health industries are increasingly innovating and extracting economic results from these innovations.

In this report, we explore these constraints using an agricultural value chains framework with particular focus on the Robusta Coffee Planting Material Pipeline and tropical fruit processing. WIPO Economic Research Working Papers, World Intellectual Property Organization - Economics and Statistics Division View citations (2) Breakthrough technologies – Semiconductor, innovation and intellectual property WIPO Economic Research Working Papers, World Intellectual Property Organization.

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Staff Publications and Working Papers (PDF) Research Support; The WIPO Guide on Surveying the Economic Contribution – SSRN In July ofthe World Intellectual Property Organisation organised a working group of economists to study the methodologies that are appropriate when attem US Raises Economic Concerns About Proposals At WIPO.

Recent research on the economics of patents has concentrated on the topics suggested by the foregoing observations and on topics related to current “hot‐button” policy questions.

"Identifying the Gender of PCT inventors," WIPO Economic Research Working Papers 33, World Intellectual Property Organization - Economics and Statistics Division. More about this item Keywords. The WIPO Economic Research Working Paper Series includes economic and statistical studies that are the outcome of professional research.

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Economic Research Working Papers

SOAS Department of Economics Working Paper Series at. University of Cologne, Working Paper Series in Economics (Ed.), Köln Brosig, Jeannette, Kocher, Martin, Sutter Matthias: Bargaining among groups: the role .

Wipo economics research working papers
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