Copy paper terminology

Glossary of Terms

Perfecting press A printing press that prints on both sides of a sheet in a single pass through the press. A reduction in inherent moisture expansion of furnish should be helpful in reducing curl see below.

Crash Coarse cloth embedded in the glue along the spine of a book to increase strength of binding. Blocking The sticking of piled printed sheets caused by wet ink. Comprehensive Proof Final proof presented in the format the printed piece will take. D Dateline— The line at the beginning of a story giving the place and date of the articles origination.

Gate fold A three or four panel fold where the two outside panels fold inward to meet in the center. Choke Technique of slightly reducing the size of an image to create a hairline trap or to outline.

Conditioning Allowing paper to adjust itself to the temperature and humidity of the printing plant prior to use. Editor— A person who directs the editorial policies; or a person who decides what news will go in the paper and where it will appear Editorial— An article expressing the opinion of the newspaper regarding a certain subject.

Printing Terms Glossary

Recycled fibers are generally PCF, meaning they were put back into the paper without the use of any chlorine or its compounds. This information includes the characteristics of the printer, its resolution, what resources it has, whether it has sufficient memory, and whether it receives and prints a job.

Some newer presses use a waterless ink technology that does not use dampening. Clip Art— A variety of art provided to newspapers on a subscription basis, for use in ads. Dull finish A semi-gloss finish on paper that is less glossy than gloss and more than matte paper.

Glossary of Photocopier Terms, How it Works & History

Op-ed— Page opposite the editorial page used for letters to the editor, articles by columnists, etc. Color Comp A mockup of a proposed layout used for presentations.

Additional pressure applied through the impression cylinder assisting the image transfer to the press sheet. The machine can also be used in scoring or creasing. Grain Paper fibers lie in a similar direction in a sheet of paper.

Blanket Pull The tack between blanket and paper. Bleed 1 In printing, printed image that runs off the edges of a page. Commodity Papers A classification of low-quality bond and offset papers.

Requires an extra run through the press on a four color press adding to the cost. Variable-data printing and publishing is known by several other names.

These are the components of the conventional analog copier that convey the scanned image from the glass to the photoconductor drum. Color Separation 1 Technique of using a camera, scanner or computer to divide continuous-tone color images into four halftone negatives. Edition— The issue for one press run: The print engine is the machinery that actually makes marks on a page.

Italic Text that is used to denote emphasis by slanting the type body forward. Binding Edge The edge where the binding will be done.

Barium Sulfate Substance used as a standard for white, in lieu of the availability of a practical percent reflecting diffuser. Recycled fibers are generally PCF, meaning they were put back into the paper without the use of any chlorine or its compounds.

There are two types of platens:.

Glossary of Terms

Georgia Pacific Basic Copy Paper, 8 1/2 x 11, 88 Bright, White, Sheets/Carton. Glossary of Photocopier Terms, especially for Canon and Toshiba, How it Works and History - A Complete Guide.

However, photocopiers are undeniably more convenient than computers for the very common task of creating a copy of a hardcopy original sheet of paper.

How a photocopier works (using xerography). We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. General term for paper over # index, 80# cover or gsm that is commonly used for products such as file folders, displays and post cards.

Also called paperboard. Brand name for a diffusion transfer process used to make positive paper prints of line copy and halftones. Often used as alternate term. Key Copyediting Terms From All Cap and Bastard Title to Widow and X-Ref.

Share Flipboard Email Print SuperStock/Getty Images Languages. English Grammar Glossary of Key Terms Using Words Correctly Writing Tips & Advice hard copy. Any text that appears on paper. head.

Paper curl, dimensional stability, effects of shrinkage and Xerographic paper Curl Terminology .pdf, 2 pages) Hot Bend Curl Test .pdf, 8 pages) For questions about paper curl, dimensional stability, copy paper or other paper properties u se the form at the bottom of the page!

Copy paper terminology
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Glossary of Copier, Printer and Paper Terms